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TX-CERA is organized by a group of volunteers who dedicate time, resources, or expertise to support the daily administration of the organization or in the event of an incident or emergency.

Who we are:

  • Art Conservators

  • Archivists

  • Librarians

  • Curators

  • Collections Managers

  • Preservation Specialists

  • Safety and Security Staff

  • First Responders / Emergency Management Personnel

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Texas Heritage Responders

Members of TX-CERA who respond to the needs of cultural institutions after a disaster, assess damage, and initiate salvage of cultural collections are called Texas Heritage Responders (THR). The title of Texas Heritage Responder recognizes professionals with the ability to work within an Incident Command System and lead volunteers in collections recovery response efforts. To qualify for this title, each individual must participate in and complete all required National Heritage Responder (NHR) training or have received equivalent training in the field. The intent of Texas Heritage Responders (THR) is to rapidly respond to an event, incident, or threatened venue with an effective and coordinated response in support of a local Emergency Operation Center (EOC) or Disaster District (DSC). Sign up to join or receive more information about upcoming THR training opportunities.

TX-CERA Regions

Texas is a big state, and therefore we have divided our AFR into six regions paralleling those already designated by the Texas Highway Patrol.