Vision, Mission, Values & Reports


Texas cultural institutions are educated, prepared, and able to respond to natural and manmade emergencies and disasters. 


At TX-CERA, our mission is to serve as an educational resource for disaster preparedness, response, and recovery for Texas cultural institutions.



We believe that Texas cultural institutions are more prepared when they are connected to each other and the emergency management system.


We believe that cultural institutions are empowered through education and training to support themselves at all times when the unexpected happens.


We believe that individuals belonging to cultural institutions should prioritize their well-being over any object, collection, or material culture.

Cultural Heritage

We believe that cultural heritage institutions, including Historic Sites, Museums, Libraries, Archives, and Special Collections, are vital to the well-being of a community, should be protected at all times, and can be integral assets in the recovery of a community after a disaster.


We believe that through the sharing of specialized expertise, we can increase resilience within the community through training, workshops, webinars, distribution of resources, and hands-on experience.


We believe that the best way to care for our cultural heritage is through education, planning, and training.


2023 Impact Report

Thank you to all of our board members, Advisory Board members and Texas Heritage Responders who logged an organizational record number of volunteer hours to carry out the group’s mission of education, advocacy and response. View the report.