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Webinar - Mold Control - August 15

Webinar: August 15, 2023 

The slides and recording of this webinar can be found on our Resources Page under Response Webinars.

Presenter: Tara Kennedy, Head, Preventive Conservation, Yale Library Center for Preservation and Conservation

When water is part of an emergency situation, it is almost inevitable that mold growth will occur on objects and in collection spaces. How can you manage a moldy situation? What are the steps necessary to take care of this problem? Please join us on August 15th to discuss this topic in the context of collections emergency response. 

Workshop - Introduction to Emergency Preparedness for Cultural Heritage - October 26/27

Workshop Overview: The two-day workshop will introduce participants to disaster planning and response techniques in emergency situations specific to the region. Guest speakers will share how to protect, preserve, and handle art and cultural artifacts in different scenarios, and how to connect to a larger network of emergency management professionals. Participants will also receive instruction on wet recovery salvage of cultural heritage objects.

Date: Thursday and Friday, October 26-27, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Location: Fair Park First Visitors Center (previously the old Natural History Museum)

3535 Grand Avenue, Dallas, TX 75210

Cost: Free, and lunch will be provided.

Registration Deadline: Monday, October 16, 2023

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Current Grant and Funding Opportunities

This is a rotating section of available disaster planning, response, and recovery grants or other funding opportunities for Cultural Institutions, Historic Sites, Museums, Archives or Special Collections.