Texas Collections Emergency Resource Alliance

An Educational Resource for Disaster Preparedness, Response and Recovery for Texas Cultural Heritage Institutions

A part of the FAIC Alliance for Response (AFR) Network.

Texas Association of Museums Annual Conference

Presentation: TAM, Annual Conference - Lubbock, April 15, 2024, 10:30am

Dial "D" For Disaster

Presenters: Laura Pate and Michael Sproat (TX-CERA), Lynn Rushton Reed (Office of Arts & Culture), and Danielle Brissette (Texas Historical Commission)

The only thing more terrifying than planning for a disaster is living through one. Colleagues from TX-CERA, the Office of Arts & Culture, Dallas, and Magoffin House Museum will take the mystery out of emergency plans and offer real life examples and practical advice with examples from security, conservation, and cultural crime.

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Hurricane and Fire Season - Advice for Institutions

Emergency Grant and Funding Opportunities

This is a rotating section of available disaster planning, response, and recovery grants or other funding opportunities for Cultural Institutions, Historic Sites, Museums, Archives or Special Collections.